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Why take an IELTS Exam?

IELTS (the International English Language Testing System) is widely considered as the most popular English language test for education, employment and migration. It is also known as the most credible certificate due to the fact that is it collectively owned by the British Council and IDP.

There are two versions of the test: Academic and General Training and each version serves different purposes. If you intend to apply for an oversea educational institution, then the Academic Training IELTS is what you need to focus on. By contrast, the General Training IELTS is more of a tool which helps you move up the career ladder or migrate to other countries.


The importance of lexical resource to IELTS studiers

            As we all know, preparing for the IELTS exam can be an enduring process as you need to concentrate on 4 skills: Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading and the lack of a decent range of vocabulary may hold you back from achieving your expected band scores. Vocabulary accounts for 25% of your marks for IELTS Speaking and Writing. Besides, you are more able to reach a high band score in Reading and Listening if you have a wider range of vocabulary.

            Therefore, IELTS Vocabulary skills play a decisive role in reaching good results. To really rise to the challenge, any test takers should take vocabulary practice seriously and learn IELTS words in a practical way: being able to use the words flexibly, understanding the meanings of those words in IELTS reading texts, speaking those words naturally and at length.


A complete guide to strengthen your vocabulary offered on IELTS EXAM TRAINING  

            To best prepare yourself for a real Academic or General IELTS exam, the key is to refine on your vocabulary bank and to use it at ease.  

            Learning vocabulary is quite a challenge to most IELTS self-studiers for many reasons. Most of them usually have difficulty in grouping words according to topics while doing exercises or using correct words for their speaking/writing tasks. Fortunately, various platforms and websites are available online that offer a range of cost-effective, time-saving and efficient learning materials for anyone out there who is looking for sharpening and refining their vocabulary for IELTS.

            Among those websites, the IELTS Extensive Vocabulary Training package offered on IELTS Exam Training stands out as it includes many excellent features. It covers a full range of 4000 common words for IELTS and these words are divided into several common topics, making it easier for self-learners to remember.

            There are 4 collections in total and each collection is designed to cover 1000 words. You can choose a “Full Collection” option if you wish to examine all 4000 words and practice. Otherwise, you can start your Vocabulary training with a lighter yet productive package when you opt to do each collection separately. A bonus is that you can choose any collection to practice without following any order.