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The importance of IELTS for Study, Work and Immigration


The International English Language Testing System, better-known as IELTS, is the most popular English language proficiency test for education, employment and migration purposes.

IELTS is recognized by more than 11,000 organizations all over the world. As a result, holding an IELTS certificate enable you the opportunity to enroll in reputable universities or colleges and to get your foot in the door when it comes to applying for a position in international firms or professional bodies.

      What’s more, to permanent residence or to attain citizenship in a foreign country, people are asked to achieve a certain overall IELTS band score to make sure that they are able to merge into society and the workplace.


IELTS EXAM TRAINING: a website that helps to achieve your ultimate goals


Our website is designed to help IELTS test-takers develop their IELTS skills, IELTS information and tips which all contribute towards their best score on the IELTS exam. All the content on our website is produced, reviewed updated frequently by professional IELTS trainers so anyone can rest assured that they are going to gain valuable knowledge as well as experience by taking our cost-efficient online courses.

On top of that, we offer IELTS self-learners with specialized packages focusing on extremely essential parts of an IELTS test. Specifically, our user-friendly website provides training for extensive vocabulary, idiomatic expressions and experts’ comment on a test-taker’s performance as well as mock tests for both Academic and General modules.


Why taking a Mock Test Exam is an advantage?


      It is proven that taking mock exams before taking real ones stops test takers from being a bundle of nerves in the exam room. There are hundreds of websites offering IELTS learners with this kind of service.

      The “Mock Exam – General Module” package on IELTS EXAM TRAINING is dedicated to the IELTS examination. Taking this course is the best way for IELTS studiers to have a closer look at different parts of an IELTS test and therefore to boost your confidence.

There are 2 options available: the 60-minute package and the 90-minute package and each option includes all four sessions as can be seen in a real exam: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. After completing the Listening, Reading, and Writing sessions, you can submit your answers and exact scores will be calculated based on your performance and shown on your dashboard. In the Speaking session, an IELTS expert will be by your side and an Online mock speaking test will be conducted. Unlike other websites, on IELTS EXAM TRAINING, our expert will directly comment on your answers and suggest better ways to expand on your skills afterwards.


      Besides, a test taker can learn a whole lot from this package as multiple functions are integrated into the exam: you can make notes, highlight important information and ask an IELTS expert to comment on any session. If you are not sure about your performance on the

the Listening, Reading, and Writing mock tests, there is a “Reset” button on your screen which allows you to redo these 3 tests before you finally submit them.


      What’s more, you can also track you progress and figure out suitable strategies and techniques that you can apply on your real exam based on our IELTS experts’ feedback.

      We believe that “Practice makes perfect”, hence we offer you this course to maximize your performance!