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IELTS or International English Language Testing System  is an English language test for study, migration or work. Over three million people take the test every year because IELTS is accepted by more than 11,000 employers, universities, and schools around the world. The test scores are calculated between 1-9, 9 being the highest.

Very few people score the highest even if they are native English speakers because IELTS evaluates a person’s capability in written and spoken English in an academic or general environment.

The purpose of IELTS is to provide a fair and accurate assessment of people applying to work or study overseas or even organisations and institutes which mandate an IELTS score to get admission or pursue an opportunities. 

The tests are designed to assess the capability of an individual on written and spoken communication in English in a formal as well as informal environment. The test covers four sections: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The tests are regularly evaluated and assessed by experts in the field of English language communication. 

Why Us?

Mock Tests

The program on help the candidate prepare for these patterns and testing formats. While it may seem daunting when you first attempt it, a simple mock test is a great way to learn your way around the exam and find out your own level. Once you get a grip on your own weaknesses, you can better focus on these areas by undergoing various Listening, Speaking, Writing or the comprehensive All-in-one programs. 

Self-Paced Learning

The idea is to be able to learn to navigate the test and the process. The best part is that the learning is self-paced, unlike a classroom where the pressure is to keep up with the rest of the class or at the teacher’s pace. 

Personalized Dashboard

The training room provides you with simple videos on HOW TO learn and simplified methods on note taking and highlighting to improve your understanding and comprehension. 

The training room dashboard keeps a record of your performance, so you know your target growth areas and also the areas you need to focus on more, so you are always aware of your performance and growth.

Vocabulary & Idiom Learning

The vocabulary is split into 4 sections of different difficulty levels, as you improve, you can choose to increase your expertise levels and therefore improve your overall score since the listening and reading tests have words that we may or may not use on a daily basis, it is important to learn key words that could be used in the tests. 

The idiom section has a listing of 1600, again broken up into sections to improve your learning and to scale it up as you go along. To make it more interesting the vocabulary and idiom section have game based training that make learning more interesting and less scary for those who are still focusing on improving their English language and of course the test scores. 

The various products in the training for EILTS like Review Sessions for Mock Exams, Mock Speaking Tests, Idiomatic Expressions Training and the generalised Mock exam are all created specifically to cover all areas that our experts have understood create the biggest hurdles for candidates, which can then also be addressed by the different programs available on the extensively covering topics like listening, speaking and writing. 

Preparing for IELTS has been simplified and made easy with you being in control of how fast or slow you choose to learn, your learning at your pace and your time.