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Adjudicator’s Comments For Mock Exam Written Sections – (Supplemental)


Writing is a critical part of your IELTS exam experience. In the exam, the writing section is timed and scored according to a strict marking scheme. While you can freely do the writing exercise and get used to the time and word constraints, the way to improve is to have your writing evaluated.

Getting the adjudicator’s comments on your writing is the best way to find out how successful you will be and to get and idea of the feedback you would receive. The comments will appear on your mock exam so you can freely read them and refer back to your own writing.


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Getting your IELTS writing section scored with comments is the best way to make sure you excel. Getting a high score in the writing section is not easy, but with the proper training and direction, it can be a lot more manageable. Writing practice is critical, but getting feedback from an adjudicator will help you stay on top of your goals. Without this feedback, it is tough to see how successful your attempt would be.

In addition to this, comments from the adjudicator will help you decide how to better train for future attempts. Maybe there are simple, fixable grammar mistakes. Maybe your word choice is too narrow or basic. These are some of the insights that can turn a band 6 into a band 7 or more.

Your notes and feedback will be given to you online within 7 days of submitting your order and can be viewed at any time.

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