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IELTS Training Membership for Self-Learners


Members are free to access the selected IELTS self-study products which provide 24/7 preparation. Our self-study tools are cost-effective for the intensive and repetitive practice that candidates require to facilitate the learning process. This assists you in building a solid foundation of knowledge, which is essential to your exam performance. Candidates have the option of determining their own pace of study. Study and practise whenever and wherever suits your needs.

The package grants access to the following products:

1) Mock Exam

2) Vocabulary Training

3) Idioms Training

Feel free to join a membership of your ideal time duration.

Choose an option:
3-month access
1-month access

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Mock Exam (IELTS General)

An IELTS Mock Exam will be an excellent tool for predicting your IELTS result, as well as the finest way for any candidate to become familiar with the authentic structure of the IELTS exam. There are papers for listening, reading, and writing, and your grades will be calculated automatically in real time. Each Mock Exam is timed to match the IELTS exam’s requirements. We also provide candidates with a plethora of other functions to promote more efficient progress. Candidates can purchase additional Mock Exams for more practice. Individual results are stored in a separate system for each Mock Exam.

Extensive Vocabulary Training

“IELTS Extensive Vocabulary Training” covers a full collection of 4000 words. These 4000 words are evenly distributed into Collection 1 to 4. Candidates don’t need to complete Collection 1 in order to enter the next Collection, so feel free to pick any Collection to kickstart your vocabulary training. Get the best results and gain access to a full list of 4000 IELTS English words you need to know in order to succeed in your IELTS exams.

IELTS Idiomatic Expressions Training

“IELTS Idiomatic Expressions Training” covers a full collection of 1600 idioms. These 1600 idioms are evenly distributed into Groups 1 to 4. The candidates don’t need to complete Group 1 in order to enter the next group, so feel free to pick any group to kickstart your idiom training. Get the best results and gain access to a full list of 1600 IELTS English idioms you need to know in order to succeed in your IELTS exams.

Mock Exam Speaking Section

An IELTS Mock Exam Speaking Test is an excellent way to get ready for your IELTS experience. To become acquainted with the Exam, the Speaking section must be completed with guidance from an IELTS adjudicator in order to obtain accurate results. This feedback will provide you with the confidence and guidance you require to be successful. The spoken section is timed and follows the IELTS exam requirements in terms of content and style.

Your IELTS Result

Your results on Listening and Reading will be available for review on your dashboard. The results include scoring to show what your band score would be. You have the option of acquiring the adjudicator’s review of the written and speaking papers, and you will be able to know your total score within ten days.

Options To Acquire More Feedback

– On Your Writing Section
Writing is a critical part of your IELTS scoring. While you can freely do the writing exercise on our system and get used to the time and word constraints, the way to improve is to have your writing evaluated. In the exam, the writing section is timed and scored according to a strict marking scheme. Getting the adjudicator’s review on your writing is the best way to find out how successful you will be and ideally get feedback on your written content.

– On Your Speaking Section
The Speaking Section has the same significance as other papers. It requires the least amount of time on the exam yet accounts for 25% of your final score. As smart candidates are aware, building good conversational skills in a chosen topic is crucial for achieving a high score on the IELTS exam. We provide candidates with choices to obtain the adjudicator’s review of their Speaking Section in order to reveal the total outcome of their English language proficiency.

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